Empowering individuals to live healthier lives

Prorich Medical Corporation demonstrated the reagent recipe design and lyophilization process, coupled with the microfluidic chip technology, to produce the miniaturized IVD detection system. These products demonstrating the ease of operation and more user friendly, suitable for point-of-care testing and personalized use.

Your health in the palm of your hands

Prorich Medical Corporation design the miniaturized in vitro diagnostic system is to change completely the way we obtain diagnostic results. Features of the diagnostic system show to obtain quickly accurate diagnostic data with simple operation . We believe that these data will lead to better medical quality and health control.

Accurate Data

Highly sensitive, specific testing capabilities ensure you always have the most reliable molecular results.

Seamless Implementation

Fully automated and designed to be easily
administered at home or in point-of-care

Real-Time Results

Accurate results delivered in minutes, empowering you to respond equally as fast.