Prorich release buffer to rapid lysis nucleic acid from sample for PCR reaction, Prorich nucleic acid extraction for POCT and Prorich VTM for virus transport.

• Prorich® POCT Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Prorich POCT Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The nucleic acid extraction kit uses magnetic beads technology for rapid and reliable extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from whole blood sample. The

product is intended to be used by professional users, such as technicians and physicians, that are trained in molecular biological techniques, and it is broadly

used in many molecular biology downstream applications as, genetic screening, sequencing, food safety, forensic, etc.

Product specification

• Extraction time <20min
• Intended use for POCT
• All-in-one cartridge for nucleic acid extraction

• Prorich® Viral Transport Medium with Swabs Kit

Prorich® Viral Transport Medium Swab Kit

The Prorich® VTM with Swabs Kit is intended to collect and transport the clinical sample containing cells or microbiological specimen from the collection site to a laboratory for analysis. The swab design allows the proper specimen collection from nasopharynx or throat and the non-propagating VTM buffer allows the viability of specimen during transport from collection site to laboratory.

Product Features

• High Safety: good sealing and stability, prevent leakage and ensure biosafety
• Stable nucleic acid: special stable components to ensure the stability and integrity of virus nucleic acid
• Easy to operate: no refrigeration, room temperature transportation